AI Image Exploration: Short Circuit Madness
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It started off as an account that I used to post my design experiments, but slowly became a place for me to archive images that I generated using Midjourney.

Serie 1: Fruity Teapot

Serie 2: Butterfly Zipper

Serie 3: Bionic Braids 

Serie 4: Pull Rings

Serie 5: Chinese Scholar Stones

Serie 6: Venus Flytrap Toothbrush

Serie 7: Alien Torso

Serie 8: Side Comb

Serie 9: Heel’s land

Serie 10: Arrow Fletching

Serie 11: Computational Knit

Serie 12: Bursting Light

Serie 13: Cryptic Coloration

Serie 14: Topiary Dream
Serie 15: Art Nouveau Tile

Brooklyn, New York