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If you have an opportunity for me, please email me at or call me at (516)787-4488.
A bit more about me

Born and raised in China, I came to New York to study in 2018. Exposed under 2 cultures and 2 different ideologies, I’m always fanscinated by how differently people understand things in life.  When thinking about that as a designer, I view it as one inevitable obstacle that we all have to face. That is why I want to be a designer who can develop creative strategies to help people better learn and understand, who can provide solutions for problems encountered in daily life.  

Other Links Page for graphical inspiration and aesthetic cultivation:

Resources and thoughts on accessibility and disability justice:
Accessibility Notes by Dolores

Enjoy reading about design, but not just design.  Recently I’m reading The Glossary of Cognitive Activism – (For a Not So Distant Future) by Warren Neidich. Love collecting art books and probably I’ve spent too much money on those.

I’ve learned figure skate in my childhood and still enjoying winter skating in Prospect Park & Bryant Park! ( Couldn’t do any spinning or jump but can definitely do some simple footwork). 

Enjoy museums in NYC. Can’t resist the charm of beautiful artworks!

Brooklyn, New York