Artist Book: Addressing the Problem

This collection of books explores the problematic situations that I’m interesting in. By creating competitive illustrations, graphic, I want to explore the creative ways to make them more visible to the audience. 

1. Abandoned Mine Hazards

The content addresses the existance and the danger of superfund sites in the US. Superfund site: Thousands of contaminated sites exist nationally due to hazardous waste being dumped, left out in the open, or otherwise improperly managed. These sites include manufacturing facilities, processing plants, landfills and mining sites.

Through combining the site images with environmental sound, I created this graphics that looks like the symbol/language from another civilization. Since these hazards can still exist generations after generations, I experimented with graphs only without much text communication. 

Printed Book (Coptic Bind)

2. Horror Behind Traffic Signs

I was too afraid to drive and every traffic sign made me nervous. The materials I saw in the driving school sometimes led to imagine horrible accidents. When searching online, I found that images of traffic accidents has a similar pattern/tone, which triggers me to question the treatment of these images in news media and the effects those have on people.

Printed Book (Long stitch)

3. Coral Sea

The book was divided into 2 sections. One showcases the beauty of coral reefs while the other is calling for protection and conservation of coral reefs through drawings that visualize the bleaching, unhealthy corals.

Part 1 Healthy Corals

Part 2 Bleaching Corals

Printed Book ( Dos-A-Dos Stitch)

Brooklyn, New York